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We take great pride in our work at A & A Machine because it was a company built with family blood, sweat and often times tears.  A & A Machine was started in 1975 by Edmon Aaron.  Mr. Aaron has worked in Chicago and later in Alabama as a machinist since he was 20 years old.  He worked in a (US Filter) machine and fabrication shop in Birmingham Alabama until that particular location was closed.  He stayed with Zimpro Passavant until all operations were closed.  Knowing this change in his life was approaching he began a home based business doing what he knew best – machining.

Before long the volume of work making its way to this one-man shop presented the need to hire some help.  Mr. Aaron was able to hire experienced workers and within a short few years was training his sons in the machine and fabrication trades in a job shop setting.
Starting mainly with one customer, the shop struggled at times to sustain itself.  Through the hard work and perseverance of Mr. Aaron, his family and employees, A & A Machine has built a significant base of satisfied customers.  Customer service and quality craftsmanship remain the focus of the operations of A & A Machine.
The business has grown to employee approximately 20 skilled employees.  A & A Machine provides services to several states across the US as well as customers in Mexico and Canada.  We always welcome any new customers to experience our customer service and quality craftsmanship first hand.  Please contact us for more information.